Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Random Finds

I love a good cubby organizer.  
This one is great because its made of real wood 
and has great character.

Class and Trash $48

Ummmmm, excuse me but isn't this the same thing at PB for...
wait for it...
That's $100 more than the Class version.

This stool was not in the best shape but I love the lines!  
Would be so pretty painted.

Class and Trash $38

I dropped these mirrors off today.  
They're huge and would be fab painted a bold color.
Or white and distressed around the edges.

Class and Trash $38

Gold Bamboo...need I say more!

Class and Trash
Full Bamboo Headboard $75

This dresser was pretty.  I'll tell you what though, 
I think the price tag putter-oners at Salvation Army are smoking the wacky tobacky.  
Some of their prices are just plain ridiculous.
This looked old so $189 doesn't seem super crazy for an antique 
but still a little steep for a place that gets their stuff by donations!!!

Salvation Arm $189

And call me crazy, but I kind of like these elephant lamps.  
I think a coat of glossy paint would do wonders! 
And for $20 each, please.  
No brainer.  
Unless you think I'm crazy.

Class and Trash $40 for the pair

Alright folks!  
You know the drill...
Call 'em if you want 'em


  1. I suddenly have a super strong urge to go thrifting and hope to find something awesome!

  2. I love the elephant lamps! I don't need them but love them. Thinking of heading to Class and Trash tomorrow!

  3. Great finds. I love the lamps too!!

  4. oh that bamboo bed. Oh that bamboo bed. Why does it have to be a double? I love all your finds!

  5. I love the bed! I was in Salvation Army recently and thought the same exact thing!

  6. Love the cubbies and the bamboo headboard.
    As for the lamps? Well, crazy is in the eye of the beholder.

  7. I love the lamps... not crazy is my eyes! Oh wait - does that make us both crazy?!

  8. Hi! Is the gold bamboo bed still available? I love it and I've been looking for a full-sized headboard. I could get to Class and Trash on Saturday!

    1. Hey Megan. I would call the store and they can tell you or hold it for you over the phone. 798-0567. Just tell them its the one in Erin's booth. THX so much!!!

  9. OMG I want to buy all those things. Seriously would buy the cubby shelves, elephant lamps, and gold bamboo...but that's a pretty big DUH if you know me and I think you do :)

  10. So did you buy the lamps? Are they for sale? You find the most awesome things in your area. San Diego never has those great unusual items.

  11. Pretty obsessed with all of these finds! That bamboo headboard is amazing!