Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Two Things

A.  How did I not know about my boyfriend Nate working with Target?  

That tortoise shell is kind of weird but I kind of really love it.

And B:
I'm ridiculously honored to be guest posting about my Dining Room 
over at Sadie and Stella today!
sadie + stella
Go visit my friend Lindsay and stay a while, like a long while.  
She is hysterical and and her posts me laugh outloud...often.
And she's a total fashionista to the maxonista!  


  1. Ok totally saw this collection yesterday. Loves! Really. Didn't see the gold shell though just the white one. You reall should go visit your bf. AND thanks so much for being with me today! You are fab!

  2. I love these partnerships with target. Loved your dining room at S+S! Your newest follower.

  3. Your post on SAdie and Stella was fantastic - LOVE all your beautiful pieces. I am jealous of those sweet turq dinning chairs. Heaven!

  4. I got a set of rattan chippendale chairs from CL as well, I painted mine green. Love your thrift pieces!


  5. He explained the tortoise shell in recent Washington Post article. His mother brought back a tortoise shell from a trip and it was displayed in their house. Can't remember the date of the article. Thanks for posting pictures of the collection!

  6. I love that weird turtle shell doesn't hurt that it's gold.