Sunday, October 14, 2012

Richmond Thrifter: Jewelry Edition

It's a new and fabulous day at Richmond Thrifter ladies and gents!  I've been dabbling in the upcycled furniture world for a while now but another passion of mine has been chomping at the bit to get involved.

I'm talking BLING, people.

I love a loud, edgy jewelry pieces to go along side my all too often black top and jeans.  
I can't get enough bangles and I figured I'd...


...and make it a part of the Richmond Thrifter family!

I've added some fun and flashy pieces to not only my Class and Trash space but also my shop 
(which you can see in the side bar) 
at what I think are some very affordable and competitive prices.  

It's all brand new, not thrifted.
And while its not 18k gold or something you'll be passing on for generations,
I think it's quality fashion jewelry.

I've started out slow but plan to add more in time.  

I've had such a blast curating this jewelry collection!
It definitely feeds my shopping addiction without emptying my bank account!

I hope you like what you see!


Snake wrap ring



Link Watch

Alligator Wrap Bangle



Ball Earring




This is just a little preview.  There will be more added soon!

I can't tell you how excited I am for this new chapter of Richmond Thrifter!
Thanks for coming along for the ride!  

(anything not linked to the etsy shop is for sale at Class and Trash)


  1. That watch! I want that watch!! Good for you! It's great to find what you love and be able to do it! Congrats!

  2. This is awesome Erin! I love every piece! Yay for your new venture!!!

  3. Lots of style in these pieces for little cash ... a great combo :) Will definitely check out your shop. Love that orange statement necklace..

  4. Love the name of your Etsy shop !!!

  5. Damn girl!!!! You are busy!!! Love that skull bracelet!! This is so awesome!