Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Total Randomness

UGH!  Don't you hate it when you buy something online then find it for a better price.  Well that just happened.  Remember my pulls for my Ikea Rast.  Well I'll be darned if I didn't find then for half the price!

And here goes the rest of the randomness.  Isn't this top cute from JCPenny.  Saw it in the Sunday catalog.  That dalmatian look is everywhere, I feel like, and I love the tie on this one.  I feel like those pants are a little long in the crotch, if you know what I mean, and the jacket is a little too Dr. Oz for my taste but I do love the blouse.  And for $22 bucks...please.

More JCP goodness.  This dress is cute, right.  It's from their MNG by Mango line which is a higher end European company bringing affordable options to the JCP.  I actually bought a different dress from them that I love earlier this year.


And last but not least, 

Class and Trash has this IKEA chair for $35...you could easily buy a new slipcover for it and bam!  
Good as new.  Perfect for a bedroom  or really anywhere.


Hope everyone is having a fabulous week!!!


  1. love the blouse and dress and as always, your company last night! Such fun. I'm still thinking about that flaming cheese!

  2. Yes, that look is cute...if you actually are Dr Oz. Because the top is great, the red pants with it are amazing (if only the rise was shorter) and would be super cute topped off with something other than a lab coat! And I HATE finding things cheaper after I have bought something! The worst!