Monday, July 23, 2012


A few random things to share with you guys!

I'm movin' on up in the world, y'all!!!  
I'm crazy excited about my new, luxurious, and oh so spacious spot at Class and Trash
 I moved down the way just a little, still on the second floor.  

A few pics of my new spot.

And I'm  loving this chandy that's above my new space there.  
It's so pretty, wish I could say I was selling it but I think it's left over from the last person who sold there.

Class and Trash $45

More randomness...

I'm actually working on a desk project that I hope to finish and reveal this week.  
I had to seriously dust the cobwebs off the paint supplies, it's been so long!  
But I'm excited to see how this one turns out!

Oh!  And...
I hit up a bunch of thrift stores with my girl Lindsay on Saturday...mostly Lakeside Ave shops.
Love this Bamboo-ish bar cart!  
A quick paint job and it could go from drab to fab!

McAdoo's (lakeside ave) $68

So those are my random facts for the day!
Hope everyone is surviving this Monday!


  1. Wish I was local- I would snatch up that bamboo cart!

  2. How much is your chandelier on the floor in your second pic?

  3. Love all of these finds! You and Lindsay scored on Saturday! I want in next time!

  4. Omg that chandy!! So fabulous. Your booth is the best at Class and Trash. I need to go out and shop it again ASAP.

  5. I need to visit these places! I live in Richmond and have never been!

  6. OMG, tell me you snagged up that bar cart! What a fun project that would be! I love love love painting old furniture!