Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ceramic Adorableness

Just picked up one of these pretty little fellows from the dollar bin area at Target. 
 Ummmmm, $2.50.  No joke.

Of course I googled it to see if anyone else had found these lovlies and there was the perfect little picture from uncommondesignsonline so being the lazy blogger that I am, I just copied instead of uploading my own!  

Anyone else seen these at TarJay?  They have black and brown but I'm partial to the white.

They make great little vases or perfect for make-up brushes.  
Because I have a hoarding problem I picked up three.


  1. owls are like all the rage now arent they i've been seening them all over blog land
    enjoy yours

  2. Too funny ... I bought mine yesterday! I only got one cause that's all of the white that was there; maybe I shopped just after you and that's why all the white was gone?


  3. Haha! I found one too! My Target only had black and brown left, so I went with black, but I will spray paint it. I'm thinking bright pink for my daughter's room. :)

  4. glad I am not the only one!! I bought 3 as well!! :) Thanks for the link too!!