Thursday, May 17, 2012

Out and About-Through the Garden Gate

Wanted to share a few things I found at Through the Garden Gate Wednesday that I'm kind of crushing on.

First's bamboo-ish, so you know I love it!

I'm not loving the yellow for some reason but I love the bamboo details.  
It's $250 but I think you could talk them down a little.  

I also adore this little storage cabinet.  Love that pattern!

Through the Garden Gate $27

And these might gross some people out but....I was drawn to this basket of antlers!

Antler Grouping $35 (that means the whole basket, right?!)

Would love to see someone do something like this!  So pretty.


Hope everyone has a fabulous Friday!!!


  1. OMG is it ridiculous for me to call for the white all kinds of awesome cabinet? I mean... mom is bringing me back my mirror, whats a cabinet to throw in the car? LOVE.

  2. Ok where is this place?!?!?!? I need to go. Do not hold out on me!

  3. I love bamboo too, and I'd love to get your opinion ... I have a desk, dresser and hutch (sits on dresser) that have a bamboo motif and I'm using them in our home office (downstairs, very viewable from the foyer). Have to repaint them, I can use just about any color. What's the most striking color you've seen used on bamboo furniture - or - what color do you think would be interesting.

  4. Hi Erin! Thanks for checking out my stuff at Through the Garden Gate! The little storage cabinet originally had brown doors but I knew it needed a little contrast to really be interesting. It sold today! I loved the antler grouping when I saw it at an estate sale. They were in a really great glass bowl-that wasn't for sale. :( It was a nice look so hopefully I can find another bowl like it! Thanks again!