Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend fun and thrifty finds!

I'm back from a little blog hiatus!  We had my sister and her 3 kids visiting the end of last week and were busy playing with them, then my son got strep throat, and last but certainly not least my most amazing husband whisked me off to the Greenbrier Hotel (right over the Virginia/West Virginia border) for a surprise night away Saturday.   He earned himself some major brownie points in the husband department.  If you all have never been or haven't been recently its such a great place!  Not the thriftiest but it's nice to splurge every once in a while!

Front Entrance

Victorian Writing Room

The decor is really funky, bright colors, gold (LOVE!).  They recently renovated it and added a casino which was so fun to hit up after a nice dinner.  Luckily we won a little at the blackjack table which took the sting out of the bill when we checked out.  My sister (with all the amazing thrift finds...barrister, card catalog, campaign etc.) watched my kids.  I think she is scarred for life and may never have children!  If you don't have kids then having to watch two youngsters for a weekend tends to be a shock to the system.!!!  She did a great job, though, they had a blast and were spoiled rotten!  So anyway, we've been a little busy!  But I was out this morning at Class and Trash dropping some things off and wanted to share some finds with you.

The first one is in my booth.  Love this mirror and battled my inner demons to give it up and put it in my booth.

My space at Class and Trash 

Class and Trash $88 
Would look so cute painted in a little girls room

Class and Trash $65
Love this gold mirror...Gorg!

Class and Trash $350 for the table and chairs.
Ummm, these look brand new.  From Pier 1.

** Just looked up the table and chairs on  The table goes for $330 and the chairs are $140 EACH!  So this is a serious bargain!  Somebody go get it!!!

Class and Trash $135
Hello beautiful barrister bookcase!  Where have you been all my life!  It's particle board so not anywhere near as pricey as solid wood but looks just as nice.  Kenny said the bottom two drawers to slide on.

Found one on pinterest being used for shoe storage.  Love that idea!  Lord knows we all need more!


or maybe for dishes...

Another barrister bookcase.

Love this stop sign from Class and Trash...
Class and Trash $28

Love how it looks in these boys rooms!
Goshen Ridge Model Home modern kids

Or you could always use it in your master bedroom....

sorry, too funny!

Hope everyone has a great day!  It's snowing here so I'm in heaven!

(if you like anything you see from Class and Trash call them and hold it!)  


  1. love that mirror you have! :)
    and that last image is fab.... maybe i need a stop sign! ;)

  2. Wow Greenbrier! So nice and I agree: you have to splurge every once in awhile. I love all the stuff you posted. Darn I wish Richmond were closer!