Sunday, February 5, 2012

Scentsy Plug!

My friend and blog sponsor Whitney over at Scentsy wants to let you all know that Scentsy has a brand new catalog with lots of new warmers and new spring/summer scents. AND...anyone who books a party through my website will get a free plug in warmer and scent bar.  That's a crazy good deal.  I love my plug in warmer so much!  It is one of my favorite things I've added to my house...and I'm not just saying that because Whitney sponsors my blog!

Scentsy is also coming out with a body line called "layers" that will feature lotions, body sprays etc. in some of the popular scents.  Here are some items I'm crushing on!

One of my all time faves and also ON SALE!

These hold a Scentsy pack in a zippered pocket.  Nice way to cover up the smell your diaper genie doesn't hide!  So cute and also ON SALE!

Nice neutral...also ON SALE!

Stop by Whitney's site here and shop around while your watching the Super Bowl tonight!!!

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