Thursday, February 16, 2012

Best Intentions

I had the best intentions to try and finish up this bar during the kids nap time today. It's been hanging around the garage way to long and I had hoped to make it pretty today but.... guess who has strep throat!  Your truly.   Soooooo, instead I'm going to take a nap since I was up all night last night with what felt like knives in my throat.  Plus it's a little rainy here so I guess it wasn't meant to be! 

Remember my before:

This is what I got accomplished yesterday.  Primed and ready to go.  Did you notice the hardware has almost disappeared.  Well my laziness got the best of me yesterday and I didn't tape it off.  I've actually convinced myself its a good thing since I'm going to be rub n buffing the hardware a pretty gold leaf anyway.  We shall see.  It may be something I regret in the future but I'm keeping my fingers crossed it actually helps the rub n buff stick better.  Oh and a little while back I also added casters to the bottom so its a mobile bar, because who doesn't love a traveling cart of alcoholic goodness!?!?! 

I'm going to be using the paint I have left over from this project, a purdy peacock blue. 

See you soon!  Thanks for stopping in!


  1. It will look great when finished!!

  2. So glad to stumble upon your blog - what fabulous finds you have and an amazing shop! I love all things vintage (think we were separated at birth)? New follower.