Thursday, January 5, 2012

Baby Kate's Nursery

Do you all remember my niece's pink dresser I shared a little while ago.  Well I'm back with some more of her adorable nursery updates! 

Love the pretty pink dresser and thrifted rocker in the corner. 

These embroidery hoops filled with fabric turned out so fabulous!
fabric remnants - $0; Embroidery hoops $1.25-2.25

Cluster of frames with an adorable button "K"

Button K - painting canvas ($2.50? use 50% at michaels); buttons $3.00

Christmas Tree shop frames ~$6.00/ea, scrapbooking paper- remnants and new probably like $5.00

And her boy's digs aren't too shabby either!  Remember she hacked a Serena and Lilly bedroom.


  1. I love the embroidery hoops and the colors of the baby's room. So cute!

  2. so cute! i love the button k! and i love the boys room, too- it's perfect!

  3. Love the button K! I pinned something similar for my daughter...but am yet to do it. This may have inspired me!

  4. Fantastic!!! I love the fabric hoops, but where in the world did she find such great deals on them? I swear the big ones are $15 at JoAnns? I am working on a Button A for Avery's Room, can't wait to finish it!!!

  5. That pink dresser gets me every time!

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting