Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sofa Steal!

Do you have children - check
Are their cute little paw prints all over your once lovely sofa- check
Do you pine for a slipcovered sofa you can bleach and make like new - check
Do you despise paying Pottery Barn prices- check
Do you want me to share my secret- ?

Well if you live in Richmond (sorry non RVA readers) I think I've found the perfect solution!

Let me introduce you to this beauty.  Cute, right (minus my blurry photog skills!  sorry!)

Feather Nester's $575 ($25 delivery)

I found it at Feather Nester's on Lakeside Ave.  Its down filled and looks to be really well made.  And it's a C-R-A-Z-Y $575.  

So lets compare to some out there on the market, shall we!
Baldwin Sofa Frame
999.00 + 100 delivery + slipcover!!!

PB Basic Sofa
on sale for $1,199

So my sister purchased one for her new apt and I will fill you in on how she likes it. 

So what do you think?  Anyone own a white slipcovered sofa?  Love it or hate it?


  1. Have you checked into the ones at IKEA? I think they are also on their website if you just wanted to compare prices. Been awhile since I've been up there. I love 'em! (but no don't have one..... but have said many times I'd love to have one!)

  2. My kids have ruined my living room sofa! Actually one of them got bleach on it so white would have done me good in that case. What a steal! I can't decide whether to wait until they get older (go to college j/k) to get a new one.

  3. We ARE in the market for a slipcovered sofa, but are considering a sectional, so we've considered IKEA, but the slipcover colors aren't knocking my socks off, but we considered the white...

  4. They must be popular, check out this other post I came across today:

    It says that this is the IKEA version, but I would be pretty tempted by the down comfy!

  5. SO true...We just splurged on a sofa from Bassett..where you sort of design your own/fabrics and pillows etc. SUCH a was before toddlerhood arrived..and now sticky hands, spills and so on are all over...I clean it all the time and WISH I had gotten something less expensive for the young child years...
    I find myself constantly thinking...when will I ever be able to have nice things again? sigh...
    but it looks like you have featured a good mix of something fabulous and affordable.

  6. I def noticed the cute sofa in the pics you posted from your sister's apt. It looks so comfy and chic! I am on the hunt for a light colored sofa as well in our brand new living room. I was stuck on white for a while slipcovered as well but am now leaning more towards a light tan or so. Anyway, it looks great. Too bad I don't live in Richmond!!

  7. Went to Feathernesters on Friday, checked it out and LOVED it. Now it starts the decision making process!

  8. We have white IKEA sofas and I love them! Spray them down with Scotch-Guard first and then just toss the slipcovers in the wash when they get dirty.

    They're incredibly comfortable and look very similar to the one from Pottery Barn.

    They DO have to be slightly assembled, so just keep that in mind.