Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dining Table Redo

I found this lovely round dining table a few weeks ago at Goodwill.  It was my lucky day because someone was just returning it because it was too big for their space!  Score!  I knew it could be something of a beauty with a little TLC...

Here is my BEFORE:
(I've been so forgetful with taking before pictures lately but I caught myself right as I was starting to prime it and snapped a pic!)

And here she is AFTER:

I primed it with oil based Zinsser (two coats on the table top to be safe), painted it white in eggshell finish, and then gave it some distressing and applied a water based poly for extra protection.

Then I had to hunt down a similar one online and show you how a little paint and a Goodwill find can save you hundreds of dollars!
Aris Pedestal Dining Table
Pottery Barn $699

So, since I already have a kitchen table I put this one for sale in my booth at TTGG and it will hopefully go to  home with someone who likes Pottery Barn style on a thrifters budget ;)

PS.  Did anyone watch the first episode of Design Star?  What do you think?  I thought it was okay but didn't notice any stand out personalities!  Can't wait for the white box challenge!


  1. I love the table! I'm going to have to take a trip out to Mechanicsville to check out your booth!

  2. Great job! Looks just like the PB version! I agree - no standouts so far on Design Star but the first challenge is always the hardest I think.

  3. i love that, erin! i am hoping to get a table like that for my next house if it can fit!

  4. I love this makeover. I love the black chairs with the white table and just may do this to my set. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. I am notorious for doing a paint stroke or two and then remembering that I need to take a before picture! Great redo, that will go fast for sure! I am so sad I missed Design Star...I need to catch a re-run stat!

  6. Fantastic! Great job. My aunt went and bought a similar table and chairs for $1000! She told me to shut my face when I told her I could have done it for nothing :) I've just finished a dining table and chairs for my husband's niece's new salon. I was hoping to take some nice photos of it but my husband's niece set it on fire before I could. Lucky I got a couple in.
    I love your booth by the way! I want a booth. :)

  7. Love the table, so creamy and cute! I watched DS and I think this season will be better than the last one :)

  8. no standouts, no inspiration.. hoping it was just first challenge jitters!

  9. It looks fabulous! However you need to paint something a nice bright color, your booth is starting to look a little whiiite. ;)

  10. Love! It is so pretty. MMM, and as a lover of white furniture, I am in love with your store! Keep up the good and inspiring work!!