Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dumpster Divin'

My soon to be sister-in-law did some serious dumpster diving (I was so proud!) and found some great tables that needed a little lovin'.  She wanted something a little shabby chic so here is my quick before and after.  They are still in my garage so this will be her first look at the finished product too!  Hope you like them Sloan!



She thinks these were stools but will use them as bedside tables!  Love that idea!  I used Heirloom White spray paint by Rustoleum then distressed them.

Here is her second dumpster dive find. 

And the After
The paint color is Behr Opal Silk (I just got a sample size since I didn't need much)

Since the before was pretty beat up from its time in the dumpter ;) I ended up distressing it too.

I used water based poly on both to give them some extra protection.  The poly aslo makes the distressed parts shiny, pretty and the wood a little darker.

You guys, seriously, look at my garage!  It is such a disaster!  Does anyone else get mad dust when they spray paint?  Am I doing something wrong!?!  Perhaps I need to take it outside.  You know you have an issue when all your husband wanted for Father's Day was for me to clean up the garage.  Which did happen and lasted all of 2 days!  He's a Saint!


  1. great job and great rescue.. love the blue!!

  2. Great transformations!! I'd say 'score!' on both counts!!

  3. I like that your messy garage is still cleaner than our "cleaned up to be on the market" garage back in Pawleys Island.

  4. love your distressing! I always spray paint outside...so I have no idea about the dust issue!!

  5. Same as Evie, I always spray paint outside. No dust but I do have to chase off the occasional bug! I just put down a tarp or paint cloth to keep yard stuff from getting stuckk in the paint.

    Yay for dumpster diving, they look great!

  6. looks great...is that a teal campaign dresser i see in the back?! and are you taking that to TTGG?!

  7. Fab job! Great finds to Sloan! As for the dust, I had that problem, and then was offically kicked out of the garage when cleaning just didn't help. Don't tell Alex! It's so much easier to not have to drag everything to the backyard... I suppose I could just redneck it in the front though!?!? Hope you get to keep your spraying space longer than I did!!!

  8. Love love love! You did a fantastic job. Not only am I thrilled to be marrying John but I'm also so so excited to be gaining two amazing sisters-in-law. The furniture re-do is a sweet perk. Thanks!

  9. Okay, this might be a stupid question, but when you say dumpster diving....what exactly do you mean? And do the dumps allow you to go on their property and take stuff out?