Sunday, May 22, 2011

Drab to Fab Deck on a Budget:

Hey guys!  I thought I would share my project I submitted last week to the American Crafter competition.  Might help get everyone into the Summer spirit and give you some budget ideas on how to spruce things up!

The pitiful BEFORE photo of our deck:

And after a little budget makeover!

Some of my projects
Chalk board painted tin pails turned hanging planters
Fabric wrapped wreath
Bundt cake pan turned table decor and planter

Bundt cake pan turned
flower container with room for the umbrella!
I definitely did not come up with the puffy paint trick. 
Not sure who was the originator of that but if it was you chime in!  It's genius and I would love to give you credit!!!

Budget Breakdown:

Cushions: $36 (Home Depot)
Rug:  $30 ( with coupon: World Market)
Umbrella: already owned
Lighted Lanterns:  $15 (World Market)
Tin Buckets: 2 for $5 (Target Dollar Spot)
Chalkboard Paint: already had
Plants:  $9
Bird Plates (already owned from Pier 1)
Wreath: $2 (fabric and flowers already had)
Bundt cake pan: $3 (Goodwill and spray paint already had)


Bring it on Summer!!! We are ready for you!!!

Check back in for all the tutorials coming this week!

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  1. This is seriously SOOO awesome! You have such a good eye at putting great colors together! And I am drooling over your yellow bird plates!!! Where did you get them!?!

  2. Beautiful! And I'm totally stealing that bundt cake pan idea!

  3. I LOVE it!!! The bundt cake pan is genius. I can't wait until school is out so I can do some serious thrifting!! :)

  4. Love it! So simple and it looks amazing! Great job!

  5. Looks great Erin!!

  6. Very nice job, looks like a great place to sit and relax!

  7. I love the paper lanterns & the rug!

  8. Lovely! Our deck is a nightmare and needs to be replaced. I am hoping our next one is larger so I can put a real table up there. I love the bundt pan! Very clever :)

  9. Very nice, I love it all but my favorite creative part is the bundt pan. Great reuse of everything. It looks fab:)

  10. oh my gosh... LOVE LOVE LOVE it Erin! The bundt cake pan/planter is an awesome idea! Totally going to try and do this ASAP!

    And I see that you got the pads from HD you posted about! LOVE THEM!!! Everything looks fantastic!

    Can't wait for all the tutorials!


  11. WOW This is awesome! Great Job

  12. What a beautiful change! Love your colors!

  13. A bundt cake pan as a planter for around an umbrella? Genius!!