Monday, May 30, 2011

And the elephant returns!

Remember my little elephant friend...

Well look who shares my love for the elephant side table/garden stool...
Lilly Pulitzer!!!

Rear view...not his most flattering side ;)

I spy 2 white elephants...

Classic Lilly colors.

These pictures came from the Lilly Pulitzer Facebook page and I was tipped off by a reader named Jennifer that Lilly was feelin' the elephant love!!!  Makes me love my guy even more!  And definitely makes me feel like less of a weirdo for seeing the potential in him! 

Hope you guys had a great long weekend!  My husband and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary so it was definitely a special one for me!


  1. Now that is really funny ~ but you are definitely a trend setter.

  2. Happy Anniversary! We'll hit our 7 year mark in 2 weeks ( 6/12). :-)

  3. That is so cool you found an item that is now hot again! Love it when that happens!! Congrats on 7 married years!!

  4. Too Funny! I love Lily Pulitzer. She's bold, whimsical and not afraid of color...A woman after my own heart! xo

  5. Love Lily and how fun she is digging your guy too. They are identical!

    Happy Anniversary! Our 7th is this was such a great year to have been married, huh?! :)