Monday, April 18, 2011

Why didn't I know about this place!?

Why haven't I heard of this place!?  It's right down the street from Class and Trash and I've never been in.  It's definitely a hole in the wall kind of place but WOW is it full of treasures!  I could have spent all day in there! 

It's called Billy's Dodge City Antiques and it's located at :  12083 S. Washington Hwy./Route 1in Ashland.

Here's a shot of the inside...jam packed with goodies!

I found this mid-century coffee table for $35...I'm totally into the  mid-century stuff!  Wonder if it has to do with my Mad Men obsession?!  Would love to paint it and spruce it up!

They also had a bunch of these tobacco baskets with I think are so neat! 

 And they had a slew of candlewick glass items, so beautiful! 

 These ducks caught my eye after Young House Love's Sherry and John's goose find.  I think they would be fun spray painted some funky color.

 I thought this was so pretty! $12- It's called a Fire King dish

 They also had a bunch of beautiful ornate mirrors.  Love what darling octopus did with hers here.
This one was $29

If you are in Richmond you should definitely check this place out!  Such neat stuff!

You all HAVE to come back tomorrow.  I have the craziest, thriftiest decorating advice EVER!  I am still in shock myself! 
 It is going to knock your socks off!
Can't wait to reveal it to you!

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  1. I am so glad that I found your blog through Centsational Girl. I have lived in Richmond for 20 years and have never seen Billy's. I plan to go there soon!

  2. and why is richmond not closer to annapolis? that looks like so much fun!

  3. Not sure why the comments I got in my gmail arent on showing up here but I wanted to reply to slip...So glad you found me too! If you go to Billys let me know what you think! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. You should go to Mechanicsville and check out Cold Harbor Antique booth is called Menagerie and am having 20% off thru Saturday! This mall has everything & huge so plan on spending some time there & enjoy!

  5. You can't leave us in suspense like that!! Looks like an awesome place you found. Wish I lived closer.

  6. I was just in Class and Trash yesterday. Is this also on Route 1?

  7. Yes Melissa, its right near Class and Trash! A little past it on the way to the Ashland Goodwill. If you are going North its on the left hand side, kind of tucked in the back. Looks like an old run down motel used to be there or something. I added the address above!

  8. Maggie, I will definitely do that! Thanks for stopping by and sharing!

  9. will not want to miss this!!! It is the best kept secret in the home decor world!

  10. holy smokes! their prices are great!! i for sure will be tagging along with the hubster next time he in down in richmond = )

  11. Wow! What a great place to poke and browse around. I love the mirror and table.

  12. Should I know you??? I LOVE Class & Trash. Dodge City is quite the unexpected surprise! Now following!

  13. I drive by this place almost on a daily basis and have never been inside, I'm definitely going to stop now!