Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Prison Reupholstery-Take II

Here's an update to yesterdays post!

I've heard from many of you that, YES, prison reupholstery happens everywhere!  So definitely check your local prison to see if they do it! 

Second, for you Richmonders, Emily emailed me this info:
Loved your post yesterday about the upholstery! I called the prison today and the woman in charge said that the program was being put on hold indefinitely because she is retiring in June.  But apparently the prison down in Greensville (by Emporia), offers upholstery, so maybe there is hope!

Thanks Emily!  Sorry I didn't check myself.  My sister had an adorable baby girl on Sunday so we have been visiting with her in Philly and a little distracted with her cuteness! 


  1. Awseome Erin! Good to know! Also- teachers do count for the services, I have had some teacher friends call in!

  2. Congrats on your new niece, and have fun visiting! Can you just imagine all of the prisons in the area getting an influx of calls from ladies wanting their furniture redone? It's a great deal, but so funny if you think about it!