Thursday, April 21, 2011

Habitat ReStore-Last Saturday of the Month Sale

So a few weeks ago I hopped into the Habitat for Humanity ReStore on a Saturday.  It happened to be the last Saturday of the month.  I was greeted by THIS SIGN!  Which you know made me happy!

Who knew this even existed?  Not me!  I'm assuming this happens at all ReStores but I was at the Hanover, VA location. 
Find out if you  have a ReStore near you HERE!

Here is a list of all the additional mark-downs.

I shopped around and found something that caught my eye!
image 2287527375-0
It retails for $160 on

I got it from the ReStore- BRAND NEW in box- for $16
ReStore price was 65.00 then take 75% off for the Saturday Sale!

I got it to replace the "boob" light in our entry
Here is the before:

And here is the AFTER:

Did you all know the Habitat ReStores sell new items along with the donated used ones?  I think they are items that were overstocked and donated by the manufacturers.

I would highly recommend visiting on the last Saturday of the month!  LOTS of good deals to be had! 
They had TONS of these brand new entry lights in case anyone else wants to get a "boob" job!

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  1. Man, I wish we had a place like that here in Alabama.

  2. Wow. First, what a transformation! And second, that is incredible about the ReStore sale! I'm going to have to call a few around me and see if they have the same deal. Love love love ReStores!

  3. Thanks for stopping in and leaving such nice comments ladies! Trista...have you checked for a local habitat restore? Im going to add this link to the post
    I think they have one in Alabama, not sure if its close to you or not.

  4. that's totally amazing!!! Congrats on the awesome find! I'm going to have to head back over there for some searching!!!


  5. Ashley...definitely go over...and let me know if you find anything!!! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Really appreciate it!

  6. Those stupid boob lights... who came up with that design anyhow?
    Great find - new in the box? I mean seriously, that is the definition of great find!

  7. i just checked mine and they are having an earth day sale tomorrow- 25% off furniture! yay!

  8. Now everytime I walk into my upstairs hall, I think "boobs". Guess I'm going to the Richmond downtown Restore tomorrow. :)