Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Out and About-Class and Trash (again!)

I think I might be starting to frighten the people who work at Class and Trash.  I frequent there way to often...almost in a stalkerish kind of way! 

I had no intentions of going yesterday but my crafty friend Eva, who made the amazing headboard, called and begged (maybe just asked, but begged makes me sound less crazy!) me to go with her, so how could I say no to that!  Of course I found amazing stuff, it's Class and Trash after all!

I am IN LOVE with this china cabinet!  The trellis pattern on the glass is TO DIE FOR!  And the price was insanely affordable!  Too bad I just bought a china cabinet or this bad boy would have come home with me!

Class and Trash $125

There were two of these matching dressers.  Perfect for a set of twins sharing a room.  Wouldn't they look so cute in a room with Jenny Lind twin beds?   Paint them up and change the pulls and they will be good as new.

Class and Trash $65

Close up of the mirror detail

How cute would this vanity be painted pink or white in a little girls room!  Let her put on her "make-up" while sitting on the bench you can recover in a fun fabric.

Class and Trash
Emerson was starting to loose her marbles, I think it was around $60 for both (but don't quote me on that!)

And we might have hopped over to Goodwill after.  I saw this:

Goodwill $35

Look at the transformation I found over at betterafter.blogspot.com

Kinda fun painted white, right!?  Love how the metal pieces really stand out against the white!

Hope everyone is having a great week!


  1. all i can say is WOW!

  2. Oh, that china cabinet is amazing and the vanity...adorable! Do they get new merchandise in every day? I know Ross/Marshall's stuff comes in on Tuesday's. Do you have any insider scoop on the thrift stores around town?

  3. That trellis pattern IS to die for! But it is such a diff. style than the one that you just got...apples and oranges, how would you choose if you hadn't already purchased the other one? Also, I am so upset because my boyfriend and I took a trip to Richmond a few weeks ago (before I discovered your blog) and I so would have hit this place up if I had known about it, it looks like a treasure trove!

  4. which goodwill? Is there one in Ashland?

  5. YES Susan! There is a Goodwill in Ashland . Its up Brook Rd (Rt 1) past class and trash. Thanks for stopping by!