Thursday, March 17, 2011

From the offices of Sterling Cooper

Remember yesterday I told you I bought something.  Well here it is!

Isn't it so Mad Men!  Can't you see Don Draper grabbing a glass right out of there for his whiskey or whatever it is they drink on that show! 

I had no intention of buying anything yesterday but this mid-century china cabinet totally caught my eye...and let me tell you how much this bad boy cost me...$64 (including tax)!!!!  Honestly, I had to ask the woman at Class and Trash if there was something seriously wrong with it that I couldn't see.  That is like the cost of a cheap dinner out for two (we tend to drink a lot of wine so that is a cheap night for us!) 

It's  kind of fun the way it is but I am definitely going to change it up.  There is a little damage I'm hoping will be an easy fix.  I'm thinking about putting some fun fabric or wallpaper on the inside behind the shelves and painting it.  Just not sure what color yet.  It's going in my dining room and my buffet is white so I'm leaning towards that.

Using these as inspiration:

This is currently babysitting the space where my new china cabinet will go: 

I've hated this thing from the second it was delivered.  It was impossible to put together and WAY to small for the space.
Anyone redone a china cabinet lately?


  1. oooooh la la! so what was alex's reaction last night!? love it and can't wait to see what you do with it. need something similar (smaller) for that awkward nook in our kitchen... shop for me er!

  2. Oh yes!! I'll keep my eye out for a smaller version. What about a secretary? Like the inspiration bryn alexanda one? would that work? Alex was actually very supportive of the purchase. He is quite opinionated when it comes to decorating the house and hated the current white thing so he was on board! And I think I caught him on a good day ;)

  3. That's gonna be a fun project! I think it will look great white with a nice bright pattern inside. I feel like I haven't seen as much of that top inspiration photo as I have some other patterns lately, I think I like it the best!

  4. I just stumbled onto your blog and I think that we might need to be new bff's. I love all of your finds (I am a fellow thrift store junkie!), esp. the new cabinet, it's so Mad Men you might need to check and see if Peggy is hiding somewhere in the bottom! I actually redid a hutch about 6 months ago....its a lot of work....but definitely worth it! So glad to be following you now!

  5. yes that would work! was thinking something like that too, but maybe with a bit more color when i redo. keep your eyes peeled for my sad corner! and on another note - lucky ducky and all your new shoes!!!

  6. Can I ask where you got that small cabinet that you said was "currently babysitting the space where your new cabinet will go?" I have been searching forever for a cabinet like that to store my shot glass collection in!!!!