Friday, February 18, 2011

A Thrifty Crafty Napkin Ring

I thought these turned out kinda cute and wanted to share.  I love anything monogrammed and was at Michaels the other day where the wooden letters were calling my name.  I picked up a "W" (since my last name is White) and some wooden circles.


All I did was use a little hot glue to secure the W to the circle.  Not too much because you will need to spray paint these and the glue looks funky spray painted.  I used some Krylon spray paint I had on hand in one of my favorite colors (I have found Walmart has the best prices for this spray paint).  After it was dry I hot glued a coordinating ribbon to the back of the circle and tied it around a crisp white napkin. 

 I think it looks pretty snazzy for $1.50 each.  If you use your Michaels 40% off coupon it would be even less!  I used mine on something else.

Super easy and impossible to mess up, even for all you non-crafters out there.